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306 Higuera St. San Luis Obispo, CA

We stock a diverse array of gear and accessories


We stock the largest selection of motorcycle tires in the area—including those unconventional ones—and offer competitive pricing on both the tires, and installation. You’ll also find some of our pre-owned bikes hanging out in the shop, which—with permission—you are welcome to kick your leg over.


shop2-5020From oil, cleaners, and lubricants…

If you ask 10 motorcyclists which oil is the best, you’ll get 10 different answers. Thankfully for them (and you!) we stock them all!

You will always find a wide variety of oil, cleaners, and lubricants on our shelves. If we don’t have exactly what you need, we’re happy to order it up, or assist you in finding something we have in stock that’ll get the job done.


shop levers-5021

…To the harder to find stuff, like clutch/brake levers

We stock a collection of those commonly needed but difficult to find stuff, clutch levers, brake levers, and handlebars adorn our walls. Along with other useful items like helmet locks, sliders, and phone mounts.